Saturday, May 17, 2008 - Vehicle Penalties For DUI's

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Vehicle Penalties For DUI's
What is an 'ignition interlock device' or IDD?
An 'ignition interlock device' or IDD is a small breathalyzer that is attached to the ignition in your car that you have to blow into before you start your car. And if you blow into it and it detects the presence of alcohol then your car will not start. It is a precautionary measure imposed by the courts to prevent people who are convicted in DUI from repeating the offence. And often times if your BEC is particularly high, or if it is a second, or third, or multiple offence, then the court will require you as a condition of probation to have the IDD or Ignition Interlock Device installed in your car.
Can my vehicle be impounded if I get a DUI?
Your vehicle could be impounded if you get a DUI and that law varies by state. Some states require that a person arrested for DUI have their vehicle impounded, but in other states, it is in the discretion of the police officers who arrest you.
What do the police do with my vehicle if I am arrested for a DUI?
If you are arrested for DUI, then what happens to your car, often is in the discretion of the police officers. Sometimes they will have it towed, sometimes they will have it impounded, sometimes they will allow you to keep it parked in a safe place where you were pulled over, sometimes if you have a sober passenger they will allow the passenger to drive your car off with your permission, or allow you to bring a sober person to the scene to drive your car off. A lot of times it really is in the discretion of the police officers, and that's one reason to try to get along with them, because they often have that authority.

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