Wednesday, May 21, 2008 - Emo Hair: Haircuts For Girls

Emo Hair: Haircuts For Girls


Emo Hair: Haircuts For Girls

Everyone has heard about emo hair, its pretty hard to avoid it when the internet is plastered in photo's uploaded by young emo's trying to share their individual images. But it's quite difficult to find any advice on how they achieve these gravity defying hair sculptures. Well here is an easy to follow guide for girls looking for an emo haircut.

There is no set emo appearance for girls, but you're gonna have to do something with that do, its totally like lame.
First you need to grow it it all out, so that the front and side parts cover a good portion of your face. Once its at a length your happy with you need to dye it all black to give you a clean canvas to work on.

Next up you need to think about straightening it to get an authentic emo look and to get it cut in several layers. Try getting longer layers from about half way down your head, and then short layers the rest of the way up.
Now you need to start styling it. Use a long lasting hold gel and shape your bangs to frame your face with your fringe coming down across one of your eyes.

Once your happy with the shape, blow dry your hair from below whilst the gel sets to give added volume to your layers.
Now you've got the shape you can think about adding other colours. Try a combination of pink and bleach blonde throughout the different layers to look something like this.

Finally you might want to accessorise your hair. Try a polka dot or leopard print hair band, or maybe a bow or even a butterfly clip.
Congratulations, you've got an original hairstyle, just like all the other emo girls!

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