Tuesday, May 20, 2008

videojug.com - How To Manage Your Life In One Minute

How To Manage Your Life In One Minute


How To Manage Your Life In One Minute

Don't think you can manage your life in one minute? You can - and VideoJug will show you how. Just watch!
Step 1:
To Do
Make a to do list. Put everything on it you need to do today. Appointments, tasks, deadlines, and even fun stuff, like the movies.
Step 2:
Now look at your list and rank it. What HAS to be done today? What can be pushed off? Keep in mind hours of business, traffic, what's near where, and non-negotiable deadlines. Strategize!
Step 3:
What can someone ELSE do for you? Ask the babysitter to get stamps. Pay someone to clean your house. Get your partner to handle the bills this month.
Step 4:
Wiggle Room
Even the best plans may not work out. If something changes, go with the flow. You can always reschedule.

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