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"So I'm inviting you to my green dinner party, that doesn't mean St. Patrick's Day. It's eco friendly you ninny. Look at all of this, paper, paper, paper, labels, labels, stamps, more papers.
Friends, I have two words for you, actually one word, online; use e-vite. There's no reason why you have to waste all of this paper just to send an invitation out. Alright, if it's more of a traditional, formal event, I can understand but make sure you support an eco friendly company that is using recycled paper for the invitations. Okay so you want to throw a green eco dinner party. What do you have to do? Well, you incorporate the three Rs, reduce, recycle, reuse. My invitations are out via the internet so I didn't have to use any paper and I created a really fun, funky theme for my guests. I asked each one to bring two dinner jackets that they don't use anymore so that everybody can have a little flea market, we can swap jackets and have some fun. Look, one person's trash might be another one's treasure.
Not. But, I love this vintage, fake fur of course, jacket, I'm so eco chic. Alright. You know, you can do this with jewelry. Ask your guests to bring earrings that they don't use any more and my favorite, vintage ties. Isn't this a beautiful old design and then I put a beautiful pin on it and guess what? I saw this in a very high end New York department store as a belt for $300. Look what you can do when you reuse, reduce and recycle. I just love throwing a party, especially a dinner party and tonight is my green eco friendly party. I've got my dinner jacket, it's eco chic, it's 1960's vintage that I'm reusing. And then I'm going to talk to you a little bit about the food. When you shop, support your local farmer's market. These fruits and vegetables are grown without any preservatives or chemicals, it's good for the environment, they taste delicious and you're just going to love cooking them and using them. And when you pick your wine. This is an organic wine. The vines for this wine were grown with sustainable practices which means it's good for the environment, it's good for your health, it tastes good too. Now we'll talk about how you can do a natural eco friendly centerpiece. Some ideas that I came up with, go out in the back yard, or your neighbor's back yard and pick some lemons. These are beautiful fresh lemons. You can do the same thing with apples. Put them in a glass bowl in the middle of the table, stunning! Another thing you can do is go outside and pick some wild foliage, put it in a tin container that you didn't throw out, you're reusing it, and that could be a beautiful centerpiece. Here I have a glass vase and I went outside and picked some twigs and made a very simple centerpiece out of what I have in my backyard. Or how about this, I love this idea. Buy a pineapple. This is so gorgeous all by itself in the middle of the table, serves as an interesting conversational piece. Another idea for a centerpiece. I was in the middle of this project making a potpourri, this is a pomegranate that was dried out and I sliced it. Look how pretty that looks, all by itself, right in there. So those are some ideas of how to make an eco friendly centerpiece for your dinner party. Next I'll talk about decorations. Instead of running out to the store and buying your confetti and your paper decorations, let's try to think natural. Here I have hibiscus flowers, I'll show you what it looks like, and over here I have dried orange peel, look how pretty those are, put them together and voila, natural confetti that you can spread on the table like so in the middle. For your plates, don't go running out and buying new plates. Go to your thrift store, you can find some really cool old plates and look what I did here. This is fun and funky, I mixed and matched and it looks great on your table. And these are just some ideas on how to throw an eco friendly dinner party. Don't forget to invite me."

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