Wednesday, May 21, 2008 - Using Camstudio to Screen Record Video Tutorials?


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Jimmy Ruska's Video Tutorials - List of Video Tutorials

to request tutorials

I don't provide camstudio tech support so see the FAQ. don't ask me.

Download CamStudio: Downloading ...

Download Lame:

Download Divx:

Download DivX for Windows

You can also use xvid Home of the Xvid Codec

Make sure width and height are divisible by 2. Use fraps or taksi for games, don't be a retard and try to screencapture a dvd. For more info search "camstudio faq" on google.

Also try ffdshow tryouts. If it says error using default compressor make the width and height divisible by two of your recording area.

Post your video tutorials or misc screen recordings as reply videos. Riverpast and Camtasia are good too... but then again they're not free.

For Mac try this

Vara Software : ScreenFlow

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