Wednesday, May 21, 2008 - How To Knit A Funky iPod Cover?

How To Knit An iPod Cover


How To Knit An iPod Cover

How To Knit An iPod Cover: Expert knitter Rachel Ong shows VideoJug users how to knit a funky iPod cover, so you can listen to your iPod in style.

Step 1:
You will need

* 50g of 100% cotton knitting yarn, small
* 4.5mm knitting needles
* A yarn needle
* A sewing needle and thread
* 1 half inch coordinating button

Step 2:
Casting on
Start by casting on 18 stitches.

For more help on casting on see our film 'How To Cast On'.
Step 3:
Knitting the cover
To follow this pattern you will need to use the stockinette stitch consisting of one knitted row followed by one purled row and so on.

For more help on the stockinette stitch see our film 'How To Knit The Purl Stitch'.

Begin by stitching 80 rows of stockinette stitch. This will take quite a few hours or instead you can relax and do it slowly over a few days.

When you have finished, cast off.

For more help on casting off see our video 'How To Cast Off'

When you have finished casting off, weave in your yarn ends using a large yarn needle.
Step 4:
Finishing off
To finish off your iPod cover you will need to sew the seams together.

For more information on this see our video 'How To Sew Seams Together'.

With the right sides of your cover both of your seams together using the mattress or garter stitch.

Once this is done, turn the cover the right way round

Sew a decorative button onto the flap of the iPod cover.

Take a long length of sewing thread, knotted at one end and threaded through a sharp sewing needle.

Starting at the back of the fabric, pass the needle up and through one hole in the button then pass it back down through the other hole in the button.

Repeat until your button is secure.

Alternatively you can use your favourite broach to fasten your iPod cover.

You are now ready to listen to your iPod in style.

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