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Cost Of A DUI
How much is an attorney going to charge for a DUI defense case?
The cost of an attorney in a DUI case varies based on many factors. One factor is where the DUI occurs. The market value or cost of an attorney in some parts of the country typically big cities for example is much higher than it is in sparse or more rural areas. Also of course the experience level of the attorney, the competence of the attorney, the skill of the attorney, the reputation of the attorney is a big factor in determining the cost and it can range anywhere from about five hundred dollars on the lower end to as much as ten thousand dollars or more on the high end. Typically when you hire an attorney in a DUI case, the attorney will represent you with regard to the drivers licence suspension hearing as well as the court proceedings and typically the initial retainer with the attorney will cover the court proceedings up until jury trial. All of the pre trial proceedings but not the jury trial. If the case goes to the jury trial most attorneys will require an additional retainer and additional attorney fees to represent you at the jury trial which often times can be very expensive.
Is it possible that my DUI case may end up in a trial?
What sort of penalties or fines should I expect to pay if I am convicted of a DUI?
The penalties and fines that you can expect will vary by state, county and region, but typically will include probation, monetary fines--sometimes in the thousands of dollars--an alcohol class that will be imposed by the court, driver's license suspension, and sometimes community service and jail time.
What factors should I consider when hiring my defense for my DUI trial?
What questions should I ask my DUI attorney?

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